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Spectacle Media enjoys working with a variety of clients in the creative, arts & digital industries. From music licensing to film companies and non-profits, you will find us helping unique, creative organizations and individuals make a spectacle!

Branding & Imaging

Be your own authentic self. We work with you to develop your art to align with your image. We can make sure your brand is on point and ready for fans to engage and buyers to buy.

Social Advocacy

Challenge the status quo, challenge society, challenge your loved ones. Spectacle Media creates compelling and unique creative direction, communications and consultation for cultural media and growth. 

Image by Clem Onojeghuo


We work with you and your team to ensure that all are working towards common goals. From priority alignment to focusing energy and resources, we'll get your team on board with the big plan!

Coaching & Training

With a combined 25 years of experience, Spectacle Media can lead one on one coaching with your leadership team or prepare full team trainings for staff at all levels.

Image by Ulises Ruiz


Indie artist, small creative services agency or artist collective? Spectacle Media will help you with your who, what, why, when and how you need to make your organization run! What's your mission?


Spectacle Media's leaders ignite a crowd through keynote speaking, panel discussion and moderation. Bring us in to share our expertise with your audience.


Our team delivers fully immersive events that will make an impression. Provide clients with innovative experiences from a simple installation all the way to full event management.

Content & Production

We will create compelling content in any media you need. Really. We cover the full content lifecycle. Blog. Music. Film. Broadcast. Just name it.

Full Service Marketing

What's the 411?! We will help you craft, launch and get your message out to those who need to know. From multi-channel marketing to traditional media and PR, we will craft the right approach to help you make the ultimate spectacle.



Spectacle Media is a creative agency and production house based in Los Angeles with a worldwide vibe. We develop strategies and produce content to make creative artists, organizations and concepts flourish.

Our Founder and Chief Communications Officer, Sharon Jennings, is a Marketing communications, business development and brand strategist helping creative artists and global organizations in music, entertainment and non-profits successfully define their culture, build their brand identity, produce content, develop key partnerships and create & execute successful integrated marketing strategies.



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